Testimonials - Back to Healing
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"I am so honored to wear the #IAmStraightForward bracelet to support such an important foundation and cause. Twenty years ago at the age of fourteen, after being braced for a year, I underwent surgery to correct my curve of 52 degrees. Although sometimes insecure about my scar, I love the story it tells and the strength, perseverance, courage and determination it brought me at such a young age. It wasn't an easy road pre/post operation. My inspiration and role model was my Aunt Regina who had just undergone a double mastectomy but has since passed from metastatic breast cancer. Her motto was to "wake up and choose joy". To begin every day knowing you could push through any pain and to ultimately conquer your fears and achieve your dreams! She was by my side every step of the way. Her guidance and calming nature was priceless for both my parents and myself. She was the positive influence throughout my recovery and eventually into my career. Living with scoliosis, and my journey ever since my diagnosis, has molded me into who I am today and I wouldn't change a thing! As I work in the fashion industry today, I love that you are raising proceeds through Fashion and Art and as a NYC resident, just wish I had found out about you sooner to attend the event! Thank you for supporting such an important issue. #ChooseJoy "

MaryLisa Michael Kors - VP of Sales

"Organizations like the StraightForward Foundation are so important because they allow a safe space for people like myself to share their experiences with Scoliosis. This is a hidden condition that many people deal with and suffer from, but I refused to let it hold me back. Every day I want to show that you can live a healthy life with a curved spine. Scoliosis does not define me. As a young girl I dreamt of being a professional dancer and I am doing just that. I am thankful for the art of dance because it allowed me to gain an understanding of my body and posture. Dance is healing. I hope my perseverance inspires the world. #BentButNotBroken #IAmStraightForward"

Paige Fraser Dancer | Model | Instructor

"I so want to be apart of one of these shoots one day!!! They are amazing! Love everything y'all do ❤“

Mariah Grace Print and Commercial Model

"Let's face the truth: it took me 6 years (not talking about the other 20 years from the day I was actually born) to fight and win over #scoliosis. This year for the first time the #fashion industry stepped in to voice those affected by this condition. Thanks to @straightforwardfoundation and its angels @marthahunt and @lindsellingson, I can finally overcome my insecurities. Because "I wouldn't be the woman I am today without such a challenge early in my life". #scoliosisawareness #scoliosissurgery #titaniumstrong #IAmStraightForward"

Svetlana Khaustova Merck - IT Business Operations Specialist

"The #IAmStraightForward movement captures the essence of my journey with scoliosis. My story demonstrates my self-confidence, fearlessness, and perseverance. When I was 12 years old, I decided to have surgery to correct my curve. Since the surgery, I have pushed myself both physically and mentally with the support of my family, friends, doctors, trainers, and therapists. Over time, I changed the narrative from “I can’t do that because I have scoliosis...” to “I can do this. I’m stronger than I think.” I continue to teach children at school and summer camps, exercise, and travel around the world. When people see my scar, I know it shows an inner strength that is only growing stronger."

Sara Saltzman Special Education Teacher

"I am 40 years old and was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12. I have always been so embarrassed by my deformed body. Especially that classic "hump" formed over my left hip and what I would describe as extra skin folded somewhere around my left shoulder. It's hard being different. I have been following SFF for some time now on Instagram. Your gallery images bring tears to my eyes. Here you not only display the true reality of scoliosis, you present it as art, as something beautiful. By featuring the visual impacts of scoliosis, you provide an insight to our lives, as well as our bodies. Because of these images, for the first time in my life I am accepting of my body. Thank you for that."

Collen Hunt Senior Scientist