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BTH Founder Speaks at K2M Compass TownHall Meeting

BTH Founder Speaks at K2M Compass TownHall Meeting


WATCH‼️ Our Founder, Marcus John was recently given the amazing opportunity to speak at a Townhall in Virginia at the Headquarters of @k2minc, where he discussed the topics of empowerment, innovation, diversity and passion within the Medical, Fashion and Art Industries. After having friends suffer from an ‘S’ shaped spinal curvature while growing up, Marcus John has firsthand witnessed the daily struggles of what it is like to live with #scoliosis; empathetically seeing the drastic effects that physically and mentally take place. “I knew I wanted to be a positive inspiration to the many people living with this condition by making each and every one of them feel beautiful in its purest form – where the definition of true beauty isn’t hindered by society’s superficial projections. My overall vision is to enrich as many lives as possible affected by scoliosis and other spinal deformities. Not only during the times of our Annual #IAmStraightForward Empowerment Campaigns, but also on a daily basis by celebrating their stories within the community and by giving them a chance to be seen and heard in the Fashion and Art Industries all over the world. In an industry filled with models, makeup and the latest trends, I want scoliwarriors to know and realize that they are just as pretty and elegant – if not more empowering, relatable and genuine. I want the world to realize beauty is not only skin deep.” 🎥 by @indepthphotovideo

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