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Back to Healing x Cedars Sinai Hospital Collaboration

Back to Healing x Cedars Sinai Hospital Collaboration

In collaboration with Cedars Sinai’s Advisory Council for the Arts, Back to Healing’s beloved ‘A Curved Reality’ Empowerment Scoliosis Photo Exhibition opened inside the hospital, and is located in the most visited area of the facility (on the plaza level adjacent to Starbucks). Ten of our striking images, including new prints are being showcased to create more awareness, empower and educate individuals affected by scoliosis to help break the stigma.

“I know from my years here as a trainee and doctor how inspiring and healing the artwork here can be for our patients. This exhibit is a wonderful intersection of art and medicine. The exhibition also highlights the mental health struggles that often accompany a difficult medical condition. Illness doesn’t define who you are, and we want people to come away from this exhibit feeling empowered and owning who they are.” -Dr. Lindsey Ross

“You never know what people are dealing with; mental health can be as invisible as can scoliosis. Both can easily be masked. Although the curvatures and the scars from surgery can leave one feeling self-conscious, I want people to see the confidence in these photos.”
-Marcus John



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