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SFF in HuffPost!

SFF in HuffPost!

New York Fashion Week! A marquee moment within the fashion industry, albeit for causes that are fair in the world of vanity- and not so much in the world of good causes, one non-profit organization changed the narrative of New York Fashion Week. The typical energy during this year’s shows were centered around Alexander Wang stepping down as CEO of his internationally known brand, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, and of course what Kanye West is or isn’t doing with Adidas. Noteworthy moments in their own right, but when several fashion insiders and leaders join forces to create something for a community in need, that moment is more compelling than anything else happening at that time.

During a one-week engagement in the heart of New York Fashion Week, the StraightForward Foundation and Scoliosis Research Society teamed up to bring a unique experience that displayed the beauty of scoliosis through photographs of influential advocates including Victoria’s Secret Models, Lindsay Ellingson and Martha Hunt. The tasteful exhibition and empowerment campaign delivered a, creative, and emotional platform that focused on the artistic beauty of how spinal curvatures uniquely affect the human body.

Read the full article here—> https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/fashion-for-a-cause-how-scoliosis-awareness-changed_us_59d51b6ce4b08c2a000ddda7



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